Bienvenue to Charlie's Deli Wānaka, where we bring the authentic flavours and charm of France to the heart of New Zealand!

Nestled in Wānaka - NZ, our deli is a haven for connoisseurs of fine French food and those eager to embark on a culinary journey through the diverse regions of France.

We curate an exquisite selection of the finest French cheeses, house-made pastries, and delicacies that capture the essence of French gastronomy. Each product tells a story, transporting you to the rich traditions of France.

Our passionate team is dedicated to providing you with a delightful experience and service.


Authentic in-house French Bakery

A haven for lovers of French pastries and artisanal bread!
From our flaky croissants, sweet treats, to our crusty baguettes, everything is made in-house from scratch, and baked fresh every day in respect with the French traditions. Each bite tells a story of passion and perfection.

Planning a cozy breakfast or an afternoon snack? You can also order online!

Real French Cheese & Charcuteries, cut to order

Transport yourself to France with our exceptional selection of real French cheeses and charcuteries, cut to order. From the creamy textures of Brie, the bold nuances of Roquefort, through the richness of Jambon de Bayonne, to the robust flavours of saucisson sec. Each slice tells the story of its origin and reflects the true essence of the French terroir.

Looking for an authentic French cheese platter for a special occasion? We've got you covered! You can order it online!

Gourmet food

We showcase an exquisite array of premium products, each carefully curated from the heart of French gastronomy. From condiments to regional specialties and irresistible sweet treats, our selection embodies the diverse flavours of France.


75 Brownston Street
Wānaka 9305
New Zealand

Opening hours:

Monday-Friday 9AM-5PM
Saturday-Sunday 9AM-4PM